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Rachel admits, Im freaking out Im turning 30 - 2011-03-11

Rachel Bilson confesses she’s a bit afraid of turning 30. The star, who lands the milestone in August tells Madison magazine, “I am sort of freaking out. I thought I wasn’t going to, but a lot of my friends are a couple of years older than me and they’re not helping! They keep saying, ‘You’re next’. So I keep saying, ‘What’s going to change? Will I implode or something?’ My 20s have been good to me, I have to say.” She also talked about becoming a mom. “I do believe if you come back and talk to me as I’m about to turn 40, I’ll have kids and be married. I think when I become a mum that will be my most important job – and I’m looking forward to it. As for when that will be, I don’t know. I’m just going to keep moving forward."

Rachel opens up about dinnerware collection - 2011-02-18

Rachel Bilson is excited with her new dinnerware collection called Edie Rose Home by Rachel Bilson. The actress, 29, has ventured into the home-design market as she admits her love for baking and being at indoors. She shares with C magazine, “I'm always cooking and baking at home, and I hate going out. I'd love to do bedding, too.” Rachel thinks her new poryect is very unlike among celebrities, who frequently dedicate to the clothing line. 'To stick with fashion, that would be a little more predictable. “But there's no one in my demographic, or really any 'celebrity' who has a similar aesthetic as me, who's doing home or tabletop design. I'm sort of obsessed with dishes,” explained Bilson.

Rachel loves instant cameras! - 2011-01-14

Rachel Bilson has revealed the new object of her passion: an instant camera. The 29-year-old beauty bought a Fujifilm Instax 210 Instant color camera to give free rein to creativity. She tells InSTyle magazine, “I’m a huge fan of instant cameras, and this one takes really good pictures!” Rachel also shared other obsession. Body Ecology Coconut Water. “This is the only bottled coconut water I’ve found that tastes like an actual coconut. It’s so good – and good for you,” she explained.

Rachel shares same-sex kiss on HIMYM season 6 - 2010-09-24

Rachel Bilson has a girl-on-girl action scene on How I Met Your Mother. The former OC star can be seen kissing a girl with tongue on the 6 season of the show. Meanwhile, Bilson’s rep denied she’s dating Chace Crawford, after being spotted together at NYC’s The Lion. She’s friends with his manager and has known Chace for a while,” her rep explained. “The dinner was with a bunch of people, and it was simply a friendly dinner. I can say with 100 percent certainty they are not dating.”

Its spliville for Rachel and Hayden Christensen - 2010-08-20

Rachel Bilson and boyfriend Hayden Christensen have split permanently. The couple, who started dating in 2008, decided to give their relationship a break at the beginning of this year. The actors reportedly broke up due to distance reasons, some source said. "It just wasn't working out," says a pal of Bilson. The actress is primarily living in Los Angeles, while Christensen is staying in Canada. Now Bilson is "focusing on her career, spending time with her family and just moving forward," the friend revealed further. Bilson and Christensen during the shooting of movie  "Jumper" in 2008  and got engaged in early 2009.

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Born in Los Angeles, California in 1981, Rachelle Jade Bilson was always treated like a princess. Her older brothers and parents spoiled her from birth and she grew up quite comfortably as a result. She had a natural flair for dramatics even before hitting the stage or standing in front of a camera. Her family encouraged her to put her attitude to use by becoming an actress and so, when she was 7 years old ...  more
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